900 Dollars to Ghana Cedis, Best Guide

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This post is a complete tutorial about 900 dollars to Ghana cedis.

In this fuss-zero guide, you’ll learn:

  • How much is $900 in cedis
  • How to make $900 online 
  • How to convert $900 to cedis
  • How to withdraw $900 to your local bank account
  • Lot’s more

So if you’re set to go “all in” with $900 as a Ghanaian, this guide is for you.

Let’s dive right in.

How much is 900 dollars in Ghana cedis?

900 Dollars is equivalent to 10,626.05 Ghana cedis according to Xe.com converter @ 2:15 PM on March 14, 2023. The rate of exchange for dollars to Ghana cedis is 11.800 to $1.

This means for every 1 dollar, 11.800 Ghana cedis can be obtained. This is the current rate of exchange and is subject to change depending on the market conditions.

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How To Make 900 Dollars Online? (10 Easy Methods)

You can make 900 dollars in many ways.

Here are 10 of them.

900 dollars to ghana cedis
Make $900 Online

Starting a blog and monetizing it with affiliate links, ads, and sponsored content is a great way to turn 900 dollars into Ghana cedis.

Affiliate marketing is when a website owner places a link to another website and receives a commission when a visitor clicks on it and makes a purchase.

Ads can be purchased and placed on the blog, creating a source of income.

Sponsored content can also be created, where a company pays you to write content that promotes its product or service.

All of these monetization strategies can lead to a steady stream of income (900 dollars or more).

2. Create an online course and sell it on a platform such as Udemy or Teachable.

Creating an online course and selling it on a platform such as Udemy or Teachable is a great way to make $900 from home.

You can choose to make your course available to the public or you can make it private and charge a fee for access. You can also create multiple courses to cater to different audiences.

Depending on the platform you use, you may also get to keep up to 97% of the money you make on the course. This is an excellent way to make passive income and can be a great way to turn 900 dollars into Ghana cedis and solve live issues.

3. Become an online tutor and teach via Skype or other online platforms.

Tutoring via Skype or other online platforms is a convenient and flexible way to work with students from around the world.

Online tutoring is a great way to make $900 or more and help others learn conveniently. Tutoring is a rewarding job and you can easily set your own hours and schedule.

You can also choose which subjects to teach and the rate at which you would like to be paid. Tutoring online is an exciting job that can help you make $900+ easily and conveniently.

4. Sell digital products such as ebooks, music, or art.

You can sell digital products and make $900+ from home without hassles.

With a few simple steps, you can create an online store and start selling digital products such as ebooks, music, or art.

You can even set up automated systems so that customers pay for the products and you receive the payment instantly.

In terms of currency, $900 is equivalent to roughly 11,151 Ghana cedis depending on the exchange rate.

With a large selection of digital products, you could easily make this amount of money from home with minimal effort.

5. Freelance as a virtual assistant or web designer.

Working as a freelance virtual assistant or web designer to make 900 dollars can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Not only will you be able to earn more in the process, but you will also gain a unique set of skills and experience to build your professional profile.

As a virtual assistant or web designer, you’ll be responsible for helping clients with tasks ranging from creating website designs and content to providing customer service support and more.

Plus, you can work from anywhere, giving you the freedom and flexibility to work when it suits you.

Furthermore, you will be able to use your skills to help other people and businesses, making the world a better place in the process.

6. Become a social media manager.

Becoming a social media manager is a great way to earn income by utilizing your creativity and passion for social media. You would be responsible for:

  • Creating and executing campaigns
  • Managing content
  • Tracking analytics
  • And engaging with customers.

You will need knowledge of various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and the ability to create content and engage with customers.

Additionally, you would need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in social media and use them to your advantage.

7. Sell your services on Fiverr or Upwork.

Fiverr and Upwork are excellent platforms to sell services and make a living online.

You can easily create a profile and list the services you offer, such as website design, graphic design, virtual assistant work, and more.

You can set your own rates, which can range from $5 to $900 depending on the type of service you provide.

Plus, you can use Fiverr and Upwork to promote your services and get more clients. It’s an easy way to start a business and make thrive in this online thing.

8. Become an influencer and promote products or services.

As an influencer, you have the opportunity to earn up to 900 dollars or more by promoting products and services to your followers.

You can make dollars by sharing sponsored content, attending events, or even creating your own product.

With the right audience and promotion, you can make a great income as an influencer, while helping to spread the word about products or services you believe in.

With the right connections and hard work, you can reach a global audience and make a positive impact in the world.

9. Become a product reviewer and get paid to test products.

As a product reviewer, you can get paid to test products and provide feedback.

This is a great way to make some extra money while also helping companies improve their products. You can get paid to review products from a variety of different companies.

You can choose from electronics, beauty products, food, and many other products and offer your honest opinion about the product and even provide helpful feedback.

This is a great way to make some extra money and help businesses improve their products. Plus, you get to keep the products you test!

10. Become a UX writer.

Becoming a UX writer is a great way to use your writing skills to create a positive user experience for products and digital services.

With a good understanding of user experience principles, you can convert complex business information into clear, concise, and accurate copy that is easy to understand for the user.

Additionally, UX writers need to be able to write with a variety of different voices, depending on the product or service, and be able to develop content that is tailored to a particular target audience.

900 dollars per hour can motivate you to take the first steps toward becoming a UX writer.

By taking courses and developing your understanding of user experience principles.

How to convert 900 dollars to Ghana cedis?

Converting 900 dollars to Ghana cedis is simple.

First, you will need to know the current exchange rate between the two currencies. You can find this information on a variety of websites, or by contacting your bank or a currency exchange.

Once you have the exchange rate, you simply need to multiply the number of dollars you wish to convert by the exchange rate. The result will be the equivalent amount in Ghana cedis.

Additionally, you may need to factor in any applicable fees for the transaction. For example, here is a chart for how the cedis rises and falls.

900 dollars to ghana cedis growth chart


In conclusion, converting 900 US dollars to Ghana cedis is a relatively simple process.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the exchange rate between the two currencies, as this will determine the overall amount of cedis received.

Additionally, be aware of any fees or commissions associated with the transfer of funds.

By understanding all of these factors, ensuring an accurate conversion of 900 US dollars to Ghana cedis will be a breeze.

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